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Dog Training & Behavior

Dog Training & Behavior

Dog Training

At the National K-9 Learning Center, nothing makes us happier than seeing owners enjoying their dogs to the fullest.

Since our founding in 1975, we have been dedicated to helping families to improve their relationship with their dogs. It has been our goal to offer quality education programs for all puppies and dogs, regardless of breed*. No training would be complete without educating and counseling each best friend’s family.

Puppy Training begins the moment you bring your new puppy home and our puppy preschool will assist you in raising a well mannered family pet. At National K-9 we want to teach new puppy owners how they can influence and shape the behavior of their growing puppy. Puppy preschool is designed to teach owners to better understand their puppy’s needs, establish effective communication, curb behavior problems, and to show owners how to properly socialize their new puppy.

At National K-9 we think of Obedience Training as dog education. In fact, we believe that obedience training is as important to dogs as elementary education is to children. We believe that your relationship with your dog should be based on fair and effective communication. This sound communication is the key to improving and enhancing your family’s relationship with your dog. We want your dog to be "Your Best Friend" and we know the best way to accomplish this is through comprehensive obedience training and owner education.

Behavior Modification Programs or Behavior Counseling allows our staff trainers to advise you on probable causes and assist you with solutions to specific problems. Behavioral Counseling can provide you with assistance dealing with specific problems such as house training, chewing, play biting, jumping up, and more. Behavioral Modification Programs are designed to assist you with dealing with problems such as anxiety, confidence building, proper socialization, dog aggression, people aggression and more.

National K-9 is committed to providing you and your dog with the best puppy preschool, obedience training, and behavior counseling available. At National K-9 each dog and family will receive the personal attention they deserve. Your dog’s training is based on its individual personality, past and present behavior, aptitude for learning, breed characteristics, social development, and most importantly your family’s goals. We understand that not each dog can fit into a singular “method” of training and therefore at National K-9, we have the ability to modify your dog’s training based on your dog and your goals. Your dog’s training will be designed to teach your dog useful obedience commands, good manners, and acceptable behavior patterns. Your dog’s training would not be complete without you, the owner, learning how to properly handle and effectively communicate with your dog.

Free Initial Evaluation

Before beginning any obedience training at National K-9, your dog will be evaluated by one of our certified professional trainers. This pre-enrollment evaluation of your dog will enable us to determine his/her personality type, aptitude, social development, and behavioral patterns and problems. This evaluation will also allow our trainer to determine what your goals are for your dog. From this information our certified trainer will be able to recommend the best training approach and whether you and your dog would best benefit from private lessons or a residency training program. With either approach, your dog’s training curriculum will be designed around your individual dog and your goals.

During your evaluation our trainer will also answer any questions that you have about training and your dog’s behavior. Our trainer will also provide you with a demonstration with a trained dog to give you a better idea of what National K-9 can offer you and your dog. Your initial evaluation is free of charge and there is no obligation to sign up for training. Owners must present current vaccination records from a licensed veterinarian prior to being evaluated.  Dogs are required to be current on the following vaccinations: Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella, Adenovirus Type 2, and Parvo (DA2P).  Simply call our office at 614-864-8808 or select the button below to schedule an evaluation time to take place sometime Monday through Saturday.

How old should my dog be to start training?

Although we recommend beginning your dog’s obedience training as early as possible, dogs of all ages are able to learn at National K-9. Most dogs are ready to begin obedience training as early as 16 weeks of age. We have also trained dogs that are over 10 years of age. Dogs must be in good health and owners must present current vaccination records from a licensed veterinarian prior to being evaluated for training.  Upon completion of a free pre-enrollment evaluation, our certified trainers will advise you as to whether or not your dog is ready for training.  

We do advise that puppies between the ages of 8 and 16 weeks enroll in our Puppy Preschool Program. Puppies should begin preschool as close to eight weeks of age as possible, yet no later than 14 weeks of age. This early start is so important in preventing future behavior problems. Click here to learn more about Puppy Training

Cost of Training

National K-9 has training programs and options to meet most budgets. The advantage of working one on one with a trainer is that each dog is approached and trained according to his/her personality type, behavior problems (if any), and family’s goals, thus making it more cost effective.

We provide residency program discounts for families who wish to have multiple dogs trained or have had a dog trained at National K-9 in the past. Owners may receive a training program discount if their dog was adopted from a rescue or shelter. National K-9 also honors the Golden Buckeye Card. Our staff trainers will explain in detail your training options and the cost involved during your free pre-enrollment evaluation.

* National K-9 does not have any dog breed specific restrictions in relation to dog training.  National K-9 cannot accept wolf/dog mixes or wolf hybrids for training or boarding.  Thank you.

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