Obedience Training

Since our founding in 1975, we have been dedicated to helping families to improve their relationship with their dogs. It has been our goal to offer quality education programs for all puppies and dogs, regardless of breed. No training would be complete without educating and counseling each dog's family.

Private Lessons

Private lessons provide one-on-one training designed to meet your dog’s personality, aptitude, social development, and your family’s goals.  In each private lesson at our training facility, one of our certified professional trainers will teach you how to train your dog for obedience commands and how to handle unwanted behaviors. Private lesson programs are designed for owners who have the necessary time and patience to work closely with their dogs.  Private lessons are also ideal for dogs whose personality types work better when they remain in their home environment.

All of professional trainer’s instruction and attention during private lessons will be focused on you and your dog.  While private lessons may cost more than conventional club training or large group sessions, the benefits greatly outweigh the additional investment.  You and your dog will not get lost in the circus atmosphere of group sessions, club training, or pet store classes.

Private lessons can be scheduled Monday through Saturday during National K-9’s business hours.  Your certified professional trainer will help you to determine a training schedule that works best for you to accomplish your goals.  In order for private lessons to be successful, you and your dog will be required to practice at home between lessons. A commitment of a minimum of two to three twenty minute “homework sessions” per day is necessary for this type of training approach to be effective.

Residency Training Programs

Residency programs meet the needs of owners who simply lack the time or patience to complete a training program on their own or who wish to put their dog’s training into the hands of a professional. These programs prove especially effective for training hyperactive dogs, complicated behavior problems, or dogs with aggressive tendencies.

When you choose a residency program you know that the training of your dog will be accomplished quickly without disrupting your schedule. The length of training time is based upon your dog’s personality, past and present behavior, and your goals for your dog. Once your dog has been evaluated by a staff trainer, we can recommend a training program that is ideal for you and your dog and give you a better estimate of how long it will take to complete the training.

Once your dog has completed a residency program at National K-9, dog owners will then be provided with a series of follow-up lessons which will provide instruction on how to handle and communicate with their trained dog. In order for all or our residency programs to be successful, it is imperative for owners to commit to incorporating what their dog has learned into everyday life. During you pre-enrollment evaluation, one of our certified trainers will be able to answer your questions and suggest if this approach is best for you and your dog.

Combination Programs

Combination programs combine private lessons with a short residency program. These programs are normally helpful for those owners who do not have enough time to complete private lessons in their entirety. Our trainers will begin your dog’s training at our facility through a short residency program. After completion of a residency program you will then begin to participate in your dog’s additional training through a series of private lessons until you accomplish your goals. During you pre-enrollment evaluation, one of our certified trainers will be able to answer your questions and suggest if this approach is best for you and your dog.

Free Pre-Training Evaluation

Before beginning any obedience training at National K-9, your dog will be evaluated by one of our certified professional trainers. This pre-enrollment evaluation of your dog will enable us to determine his/her personality type, aptitude, social development, and behavioral patterns and problems. This evaluation will also allow our trainer to determine what your goals are for your dog. From this information our certified trainer will be able to recommend the best training approach and whether you and your dog would best benefit from private lessons or a residency training program. With either approach, your dog’s training curriculum will be designed around your individual dog and your goals.

During your evaluation our trainers will also answer any questions that you have about training and your dog’s behavior. Our trainer will also provide you with a demonstration with a trained dog to give you a better idea of what National K-9 can offer you and your dog. Your initial evaluation is free of charge and there is no obligation to sign up for training. Owners must present current vaccination records from a licensed veterinarian prior to being evaluated. Simply call our office at (614) 864-8808 and schedule an evaluation time to take place sometime Monday through Saturday or select here to schedule your evaluation online.

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What Your Dog Can Learn at <b>National K-9</b>
What Your Dog Can Learn at National K-9

One of our staff trainers will be able to provide you with a demonstration of the listed obedience commands in your free pre-enrollment evaluation.


your dog walks closely at your side


your dog sits quietly and patiently until released, even while distracted


your dog lies down until released, even when distracted


your dog a holds a ‘sit’ or ’down’ position for a long period of time, perhaps while entertaining guests or eating a meal


your dog will come to you upon request


your dog will learn to stay on a mat that limits his/her freedom to a designated area


your dog reads your body language, hand signals teach your dog to pay closer attention to you, obeying your silent commands


you will receive assistance on modifying unwanted behaviors such as jumping up, barking, leash pulling, aggression, digging, running away, and others

Schedule your Free Pre-Training Evaluation

National K-9's free training evaluation will allow our certified trainer to learn more about your dog and your goals. During this evaluation our trainer will also answer your questions about training and your dog’s behavior. Our trainer will also provide you with a demonstration with a trained dog to give you a better idea of what National K-9 can offer.

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