Do students have access to the Internet?

Students that bring a Wi-Fi enabled device will have access to a high-speed wireless internet service in the classroom and residence hall. Computers are not required for the course. National K-9 does not provide a computer or printer for usage by students. Laptop computer, cellular telephone, tablet, or personal electronic device usage is prohibited during classroom instruction, practical workshops, and trainer observations.

If I live locally or obtain my own housing, can I commute to and from National K-9?

If you live in the Columbus metropolitan area you can commute to and from National K-9 daily. We recommend that commuting students keep their commute to under a half hour to allow them to get the most out of their experience. If you are not from the area and prefer not to stay in the residence hall, you may stay in a local hotel or obtain alternative housing. Contact our school administrator for a listing of area hotels that are dog friendly.

Commuting students will bring their dog with them to class each day. Commuting students will also be responsible for continuing independent training with their dog each evening. Commuting students’ dogs are not required or permitted to stay in the student kennel facility overnight. Contact one of our instructors if you have additional questions regarding commuting to school with your dog.

Does my tuition include housing in National K-9’s on site residency hall?

Tuition does not include the cost of housing or meals. Students may choose to live on-site in student housing, commute from somewhere in the Columbus area, or opt to stay off site in a local hotel. You can contact our school administrator for a listing of area hotels that are dog friendly.

National K-9 does not provide meals or have a cafeteria. National K-9 does have a full kitchen facility for residence and commuting students to utilize. Students are responsible for their own meals and clean-up throughout their course.

See the course scheduling information for more information on tuition and applicable housing fees. In addition to the housing fee, students staying the residence hall are required to submit a $10.00 key deposit. All students should also be prepared to bring at least $50.00 for additional training equipment.

How far is National K-9 from the airport?

For those students that need to fly to Columbus, the trip from the John Glen Columbus International – CMH (formerly Port Columbus International Airport) to National K-9 is approximately 10 minutes. National K-9 will provide pick-up and drop-off service for you and your dog on orientation day or the course end date (if needed).   Contact our business office for more details.

Do you have any other locations?

National K-9 is a one-of-a-kind school, located in Columbus, Ohio. We have had students attend from all 50 states and more than 45 different foreign countries.

Can I take the 3-week Professional Obedience/Behavior Course and complete the final 3 weeks to receive the Master Course Certification at a later date?

Students can split up the Master Trainer Course into two separate 3-week courses if needed due to scheduling or financial reasons. For example, a student may take the 3-week Professional Obedience/Behavior Course and later take the additional or final 3 weeks to complete the Master Trainer Course (for a total of 6 weeks). Contact our school administrator for more information regarding requirements and costs.

Is student counseling available?

National K-9 realizes that some students may need additional help due to a variety of reasons. These students may request additional counseling while in attendance. Our low pupil-teacher ratio allows close monitoring of student progress. Because of this, National K-9 enjoys a near-perfect graduation record. Once a student graduates, he or she may call or email our instructors to have questions answered or for additional advice.

How does the grading system work?

Students are evaluated individually and informed of their progress by our instructors. Student strengths and weaknesses are discussed and the student receives suggestions for improvement of skills. Written tests are given during the third and sixth weeks on subject matter covered in the classroom and workshops. Students are provided with pre-test reviews with our instructors prior to all test dates. Students will also be evaluated during practical workshops and a series of practical (hands-on) tests. To graduate, a student must pass these written tests and a series of hands-on handling tests in each area of study to receive certification.

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