What is the age of students that attend National K-9?

National K-9 graduates range in age from 18 to 69.

How many students are enrolled in each class?

We take no more than 12 students so we can maintain quality instruction. The average student to instructor ratio is 1 instructor for every 4 or 5 students (depending on the overall class size).

When does instruction take place?

National K-9’s classroom instruction and practical workshops take place Monday through Friday from approximately 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM for three or six full weeks. Students will have a daily lunch break and several short breaks daily. Students are required to attend observations of our client lessons, new client evaluations, training follow–up lessons, and our puppy preschool program on Saturdays between the hours of 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Sunday is an off day with not required instruction. Students must continue independent study in the evenings and on Sundays to keep pace with the course content.

Do you offer night or weekend classes?

Our curriculum is extremely concentrated and we can provide full time instruction only (Monday through Saturday for three or six weeks).

Do you offer a correspondence course?

If you are serious about dog training as a career, we recommend hands-on instruction from experienced trainers that are qualified as instructors. No internet/correspondence course, video, or book can replace the immediate feedback an experienced instructor/trainer can provide.

Where will my dog stay while at National K-9?

All students’ dogs, when not being trained, are kept in a student kennel. This kennel is located within the same building as the school and student residence hall. The kennel area is equipped with seasonal heating and air conditioning. Within the student kennel facility, each dog is provided with his or her own individual kennel space.   The student kennel offers a food bin and cubby for storage of items for each dog.   There are also grooming facilities to accommodate student dogs.    Students are responsible for caring for their dogs and maintaining the kennel throughout the course.

Student dogs are not permitted in the school’s residence hall. Students will have the necessary access to their dogs for workshops, training, and exercise. Our courses will discuss the importance of the kennel environment for a dog in training throughout the course.

Can I bring more than one dog with me to take the course?

Each student is permitted to bring one dog with them during their course.  National K-9 students only have time to train and care for this one dog due to the intensity of the courses.  While in attendance students will be exposed to various dogs and personality types.  Students will also be given an opportunity to observe and train with other dogs during their course.

What if I do not have a dog that meets the requirements of the course? Do I need to go out and get one?

If you are unable to bring your own dog, we suggest that you consider asking a friend, relative, or acquaintance about the possibility of using their dog during the course. We recommend a medium to large sized dog that has not had formal training.

If you are unable to find a dog for the course, National K-9 will provide one for you at no additional charge. Dogs that we provide have been evaluated by our trainers and are often dogs in need of training from local families in the Columbus area. This dog will be used for all your hands-on workshops and testing. The training and the care of the dog that we provide will be your responsibility for the entire three or six weeks you are at National K-9. Students that are provided with a dog are required to live in National K-9’s onsite Residence Hall for the entire three or six weeks. This ensures that the student is available to properly care for the dog. National K-9 will not provide a dog to a student that commutes daily.

For National K-9 to provide a dog you must notify National K-9 at least 45 days in advance of your scheduled course start date. Students must have also paid their housing payment in full.  If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our instructors.

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